Racing and the Environment

Environmental issues are very important to us and we are making every effort to be as mindful as we can be.

JP Racing aim to be as competitive as possible in the exciting, vibrant and colourful world of truck racing.  However, as with many motorsports truck racing  also provides us with an opportunity to trial, test and develop products and technologies which will help reduce the impact on the environment not only for truck racing but for the haulage industry in general. JP Racing are proud to be at the forefront of such developments and are committed to progress with its activities in reducing the impact on the environment.

Developments to date include the following;

We have partnered with Midland Caliper Centre to purchase all our re-manufactured brake systems and all our unwanted calipers are returned to MCC for re-manufacturing.  By purchasing good quality products and re-manufactured products we also reduce use and costs.

We have over the last year worked alongside Premier Diagnostics in a bid to reduce emissions in the sport which has proved encouraging so far.   We will be continuing with these tests again this year.

We will this year be powered by Green Bio Fuels in an attempt to improve fuel consumption as well as reducing emissions.

We have also partnered with Pro-Align this year to combat the effect of tyre degradation and waste on the environment.  We believe an alignment check, and where necessary an adjustment made, can prolong the life of a tyre.

Oils are important for the working of any machinery and the choice of oils is just as important, which is why we have teamed up with Witham Oil Group to supply our synthetic engine, gear and differential oils.  A good quality oil can last longer and prolong the life of an engine.

Ongoing, JP Racing are committed to avoiding, recycling and reducing waste wherever possible.