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Snetterton 2021 Race Report

Last weekend we headed up the A14 to East Anglia and to one of the spectator favourite tracks which is Snetterton. We had intended arriving for testing on the Friday, but thanks to a broken U-bolt on the front axle which then necessitated a last minute dash up to Sheffield by trusted team member Dayle to pick up a hastily fabricated custom replacement, we were delayed leaving Kent.

John then also had to use his own workshop skills to fabricate a new manifold to mate perfectly with the newly acquired turbo, which again needs to credit another loyal team member by the name of Collet who dashed off to source this as a potential ‘spare’ should it be needed. Friday evening was spent under the truck changing the U-bolt.

To be fair, testing on the Saturday after arriving could have gone a little better, but John’s seemingly respectable 3rd fastest qualifying slot was disallowed for his interpretation of track limits…something that perhaps set the tone for the weekend ahead. As a result, John ended up qualifying 10th. Not where he wanted to be.

At this stage of our own commentary, we should really refer you to the official live BARC YouTube coverage of Race 1 because words really don’t justify the amusement and bewilderment of the commentator re Johns rather meteoric rise through the field before the first bend was even over with:

How? – John jumped the start, and was out of position when flag went down and thus he used the grass. Yes, he was disqualified. He needs to lay off that strong coffee.

Race 2 soon came though and with the caffeine now wearing off, John had a sensible race starting at the back and fighting through the field to finish in a respectable 4th position. This was more like it.

Race 3, now Sunday saw John start at 4th on the grid, and again, it wasn’t a great start for John by his own admission, with him ending up at the back of the grid from a simple missed gear change. This shows just how fast the action is if a simple gear change causes so many losses of position. But true to form again, and with gritted teeth, John steadily made his way through to finish in 3rd place. John seems to like proving a point.

Race 4 was pretty uneventful starting in 5th and finishing in 4th. Nevertheless, still an improvement in position in a competitive field.

Race 5 – and the heavens opened. With John starting 3rd on the grid, he got off to a good start, and quickly overtook the front drivers. However, and unfortunately for John, Craig Reid also had a brilliant start and fell in front of John. As the race unfolded, an unfortunate racing incident with his brother Stephen saw John knocked off the track from behind. But, guess what? After he lost several places, he again managed to get back on track and finish in 6th.

A problem with erratic readings from the GPS was causing some issues with speeds and track limits. The rev limiter is obviously not working as it should for us, so we now have to work on an accurate speed limiter in preparation for Pembrey. But John isn’t going to be allowed any coffee for this one.


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